All the corporate services that available from SUMA


PocketMall :
Solution for Shopping Mall to have their own apps and solution for promotion all the merchant from the mall, including The Event, Store Location, View, etc..

Available for : Shopping Mall, Office Building and etc..

Pocketshop :

Solution for retail industry that every shop or corporation can have their mobile applications at an unbelievable low price.

Available for : Restaurants, Retail Shops, Boutique, Salon, Spa & Massage, Professional such as lawyer, accounting firm etc..

mSchool :

Solution for education that bridge between school and the parents for information of their kids in school.

Available for : School and education institute.

mPublish :

Solution for enterprise or corporation is issue their publication, newsletter, product catalogues or annual report etc…into a mobile app. So every corporation can be a mobile publisher to issue their publication to the customers and establish a link with them. E.g. Monthly newsletter for the Banking customer.

Available for : All the enterprise and corporation.

Mobile Signature :

Operator user “SIGNATURE” pop up when Callers Calls, the ways of expressing self, and also a solution for the next generation Mobile Ads Channel for Operator.

Available for : Operator user, All the enterprise and corporation

WhereRU (Enterprise) :

Solution for corporation to keep track on their staff and employee.

Available for : All the enterprise and corporation.

WhereRU (Family Care) :

Solution for location based services being applied to family safety and care. And can be combined with mSchool to formulate a safety solution for kids.

Available for : All the family and personal usage.


For Further Information :

PT. Setia Utama Media Aplikasi (SUMA)

PT. SUMA App Market (SAM)

a Subsidiary Company of Telesindo – Tiphone Mobile Indonesia, Tbk

Gd. Telesindo 9th Floor, Jl. Gajah Mada No. 27, Jakarta Pusat 10160


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