SUMA & SAM provides “Native Mobile Application” Development services : iPhone, Android and Blackberry Native Apps and have expert team of Mobile Application Developer which helps you to transform your offline business to the world of mobility. Our Mobile app developers has deep understanding of mobile technology, tools and has expertise in integrating it using different programming languages and systems.

Pocketshop :
Solution for retail industry that every shop or corporation can have their mobile applications at an unbelievable low price.
Available for : Restaurants, Retail Shops, Boutique, Salon, Spa & Massage, Professional such as lawyer, accounting firm etc..

mSchool :
Solution for education that bridge between school and the parents for information of their kids in school.
Available for : School and education institute.

mPublish :
Solution for enterprise or corporation is issue their publication, newsletter, product catalogues or annual report etc…into a mobile app. So every corporation can be a mobile publisher to issue their publication to the customers and establish a link with them. E.g. Monthly newsletter for the Banking customer.
Available for : All the enterprise and corporation.

Mobile Signature :
Operator user “SIGNATURE” pop up when Callers Calls, the ways of expressing self, and also a solution for the next generation Mobile Ads Channel for Operator.
Available for : Operator user, All the enterprise and corporation

WhereRU (Enterprise) :
Solution for corporation to keep track on their staff and employee.
Available for : All the enterprise and corporation.

WhereRU (Family Care) :
Solution for location based services being applied to family safety and care. And can be combined with mSchool to formulate a safety solution for kids.
Available for : All the family and personal usage.


For Further Information :
PT. Setia Utama Media Aplikasi (SUMA)
PT. SUMA App Market (SAM)
a Subsidiary Company of Telesindo – Tiphone Mobile Indonesia, Tbk


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